Friday, November 27, 2009

Berri-Berri Pie

~Oh~ Everyone is making Thanks giving Pie on FoodGawker.... Then I remembered those very Expensive Fruitti Pies selling @ Fruits Paradize, Orchard Central 8-[ **faint** I will never pay SGD80.00 for a fruit pie in my life :D unless i strike 5.5million toto all to my own one day :D
So I tried my own version of Fruitti-Berri Pie
...and I made 2 Berri-Berri Pies yesterday
I coated the Shortcrust Pastry Shell with chocolate. Reason: to act as a water-proof coating to prevent the pie filling's moisture from soaking into the pastry shell, making it soggy.
And that's my neighbour's abandoned Mint Plant wittering in the hot Singapore weather. Very often I stole leaves from this plant to decorate myBakez =P
And again, I used Jell-O Instant Vanilla Pudding mix for my Pie filling. Just add 450ml of HL Milk (instead of 600ml of milk for pudding). Mix for 2 minutes using electric mixer and its DONE!! :D simple and I love the taste.
~~and here's a slice of my Berri-Berri Pie.... Shortcrust Pastry Shell, coated with a layer of white chocolate, filled with Jell-O Vanilla Filling, sandwiched with a slice of Vanilla Sponge Cake, Topped with a layer of whipped cream, lots of Korean strawberries and New Zealand Blueberries, coated with a layer of Apricot Glazing~~
Its much easier to make a Pie like this using a loose-bottom pie tin... it makes cutting lots easier. I found these from a Bangkok Bake Shop during my last trip there. Its only 70 Baht each. Will stock-up more of these in all sizes during my next trip there in mid-December ;)


  1. Am drooling.....looks very tempting.

  2. thanks thanks! =*>
    Korean Strawberries in season again! can make lots of berri-berri stuff ;)

  3. Agree with Fatmum, your berri pie looks very yummy. :)



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