Thursday, November 19, 2009

Choux Puff with Vanilla filling, topped with Strawberry Melts

After seeing my baking-pal, LH's posting on her super-cute Totoro Durian Puff (, I had craving for choux puff! It had been raining the whole day and i dun even feel like stepping out of my house in this kind of weather. So I spent the whole day browsing net...

I was watching this with my daughters few days ago and they asked me if I will be making any Choux Pastry?? I'll try soon... I promised them. Then I dug this recipe out from vintage Home Economics Recipe Book :D Yes! I still keep this book from my secondary school days... I took Food & Nutrition for my 'O' levels exam almost 20 years ago!!!
I doubled the recipe as I always remembered my teachers were very "ngiow" =P
I omitted the baking powder & replaced margarine with SCS brand butter.
Those days we dun have the privilege of using piping bags for choux puff! We simply scoop some dough with a spoon and dump them on baking trays... tats it!! they still puff up anyway :D
Then I remembered non of us at home fancy the taste of custard fillings... so I tried what the YouTube video suggested ~ Jell-O Pudding filling! Its so simple to make and the taste is so great! I love it a lot :D The Jell-O Vanilla filling tasted very "ice-cream"...they reminded me of those Japanese Cream Puff I used to buy and fly them back all the way from Narita long time ago :-)~
As my little daughter, Tessa is allergic to chocolate, I topped the puffs with strawberry candy melts instead. The Hundreds & Thousands did dress-up my puffs a little ;-)
The little tiny "eclairs" were so Loved by my gals and they requested for more! I made 10 more of those but were snatched-out even b4 I took any picture of them :D even my 2 fur babies had some of the kosong eclairs ;-) just the choux shells! no filling, no melts :-)
I dun have the power of LH to make those 超cute Totoro Puff... but these lot did satisfy that craving which persisted me for the past 24hrs!

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