Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shopping for my hobby again :P

10 Nov: I was at B-I-Y with intention to buy some lollipop sticks but was unavailable:(
then while browsing the shop, i was so in love with these baking & fondant gadgets so i grab them home :D but then, my buying fever is not yet over.... so yesterday, more buys for my hobby @ JB... although the intention was just to get some ready Ben10 icing images for Keith's BD cake.... ended up... more buys!
I saw DG's posting on her Pomegranate Mooncakes... she was making the chocolate mooncake filling using Richard 老师's mould. I wanted it so much but Richard said he dun have them anymore!!! then I saw this silicon mini-doughnut mould at Ann's Shop and tot it may have the same effect?? anyway its only RM22.00 buy lah!!! buy buy buy :D
U see the coffee-bean chocolate mould? I so love it leh!!! can make chocolate coffee bean for decoration on my cakes... future cakes i mean ;P u won't believe its only RM1.80!! **faint**
That pink color block u see is actually Strawberry Candy melt or Strawberry flavoured compound chocolate. Its cheap! easy to use and it smell quite nice too! but same like any other compound, its taste is very sweet! I use that for dipping cake pops! It has very nice texture and is very easy to work with!
And finally, my long-awaited 恭喜发财cutter had arrived @ Ng Meng Huat! :D


  1. hi..may i know how much you bought the gong xi fa choi cutter?thanks.

  2. about 1/3 the price of what kitchen capers is selling in SIN. anyone want to donpang order? I can deliver them to your doorstep @ SGD30.00 each! ;)

    There is also 生日快乐,永结同心,喜喜with龙凤;D

    email me @

  3. Hi Sherynn,
    Can you share the address of this place where you get all your baking stuff from JB, please? I would like to check it out when I go JB next time.

  4. Hi NEL,

    Here's 2 bake shops I usually go...

    Ng Meng Huat Sdn. Bhd.
    115,116 Jln. Harimau Tarum, Century Garden
    80250 Johor Bahru
    Tel: +607.3349999 +607.3349999
    (Tell the taxi driver, shop next to Crystal Crown Hotel)

    Bake Well Ingredients Centre
    No 67, Jalan Susur Larkin Perdana 1,
    Larkin Perdana 80350 Johor Bahru
    Tel: +607.2343633 +607.2343633
    (Tell the taxi driver, next to Bank Rayat)

    Happy Shopping!! ;-)

  5. Hi Sherynn,
    Can you share your experience with the Wilton set of alphabet/number cutters? I read a number of reviews that say the fondant tends to stick in the cutter. So, am not sure if it's worth the hefty price...

  6. fondant sticks to everything in our humid climate. need to dust both fondant and cutter with lots of corn starch. wilton brand fondant is easier to work with compared to all other brands. i prefer the plastic set of alphabet cutters as the fonts r bigger and nicer. this wilton set's font is smaller.



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