Tuesday, November 24, 2009

For Keith's Birthday ~Ben10 & Princess CupCakes

Ben10 Watch Cupcakez for Keith's 5th Birthday

Initially Keith wanted only the Ben10 Aliens but Auntie Sherynn have no power to create aliens out from my fondant so sorry ;P I can only find this lot of icing images from JB :-)

I did the cheong watches on chocolate fondant as I didn't want the children to eat too much of the black coloring if I were to dye my own fondant.... I think I need to add half a bottle of the "Wilton Black" in order to get the "Black Color" right!!

And I made some Princess Cupcakes for the girls in school as I think they all will be like"ME", not at all interested in "Boy's Toys" :P
Total 49 cupcakes ready to go!! Will be bringing them to school @ 3pm.

I tried a different type of frosting this time. I mixed the Ready-made Cream Cheese icing with Daisy Margerine. Reason: to bring down the "super-sweetness" of the Pillsbury icing. This icing mixture is erm... nice.... :-) and it will stay un-melted without refrigerating, in our super hot & humid Singapore weather for the whole day :D and it kind of bring tone down the "sweetness" of cupcakes. Imagine ~Sweet cupcakes + V.Sweet Fondant + Food Colorings + V.Sweet Butter cream~ the kids will go hyper-active the whole day 8-l **faint**

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