Monday, March 5, 2012


I ordered a Apple Pear Pork Rib soup from 老火汤, KTPH last nite for dinner. Not bad lah. But i always feel that their 口味太重了for me. Nyx tried a sip and asked if i can cook for her? This is it lor
~ ~ ~ "brewing" in progress ~ ~ ~
Simple Ingredients
2 Apples, cored cut into 10-12 chuncks, skin on
1 香梨 cored and cut into 6 chuncks, skin on
2 Chicken thigh meat, skin and fats removed, cut into 5-6 chunks
12 Red dates
1 hand-full WolfBerries
1/2 tbsp Chicken stock concentrate (no MSG type)

Blench the chicken meat.
Place Apple, Pear and Chicken in slow cooking pot
Boil 2.5 cups water with chicken stock concentrate and pour into slow cooker
Place washed wolfberries and red dates on top of all ingredients and let them float.
Do not stir the pot. Let the slow cooker do the "brewing" for at least 2 hrs.

LOVE this soup!!! ;-)
Me and 2 girls finished the whole pot!

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